Wondering how to make a candy bouquet? Our easy candy bouquet DIY project makes a cute gift for someone special!

A candy bouquet diy birthday gift on a table

Candy bouquets make versatile and easy gifts!

If you are looking for a fun and thoughtful homemade gift idea, consider creating a custom candy bouquet perfect for many different occasions!

Use this candy bouquet DIY idea to create a yummy treat for a birthday celebration, graduation gift, teacher gift or to acknowledge or thank just about anyone. And most of these supplies can easily be found at your local Dollar Tree or dollar store so this idea is budget-friendly as well.

If you’re unsure how to make a candy bouquet, that’s okay. I’m going to walk you through the project step-by-step!

Candy Bouquet Supplies

Supplies needed for this candy bouquet DIY project:

craft supply for candy bouquet

How to make a candy bouquet:

making a diy gift bouquet

1.) Start with 4 boxes of candy and glue the corners together using a hot glue gun. These will form the base, or vase, of the candy bouquet.

demonstrating how to make a candy bouquet by using a hot glue gun to stick candy to skewers

2.) Next, glue the wood skewers to the back of each of the smaller packages of candy. For super thick candy bars, use two skewers.

candy bouquet diy gift for birthday using Dollar Tree floral foam, tissue paper, and candy

3.) Cut floral foam so it’s just a tad bit smaller than the space inside the candy vase. Place foam in the middle of two pieces of tissue paper and press it down into the candy vase so the paper sticks out.

putting snickers bar in tissue paper

4.) Using smaller squares of tissue paper, poke the skewer through the tissue paper, and twist up paper around end of candy so it looks like a flower.

a diy candy bouquet gift

5.) Use a piece of tape to secure your diy candy bouquet, if desired. Arrange candy by sticking skewers in the foam. Use scissors to cut skewers if needed to arrange at varying heights. Embellish with foil balloon and ribbon.

Candy bouquet diy supplies including a birthday balloon

Hip tips for this candy bouquet DIY project:

  •  My foam fit so tight within the candy vase that I didn’t need to add a bottom to my vase, but you could always hot glue a piece of scrap cardboard if needed.
  • Also, if candy isn’t appropriate or desired, consider other snacks like nuts, dried fruit, trail mix, protein bars, etc!

diy candy bouquets for all occasions

Make a bouquet for any occasion…

I was inspired to make these as my local grocery store sells candy bouquets in their floral department for $20 each, as pictured above. As you can see, by simply changing the balloon and paper colors, you can customize this idea for different occasions. For instance, I’m planning on making my son’s coaches a baseball version using Cracker Jacks, sunflower seeds, Gatorade beverage packets, etc. Enjoy! 😀

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