Searching for “jobs for teens near me” and coming up short? The best jobs for teens aren’t as hard to come by as you might think!

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Know a mature and motivated teen hoping to earn some extra spending money?

It’s time to think outside the babysitting box with these companies that hire young teens! Whether your high school student is looking for a job so they can save for a car, put away money for college, or learn the value of a hard-earned dollar, they may be able to apply for a job with these companies that are known to hire teenagers as young as fourteen years old!

The following companies may offer jobs for high school students and teens, although it is important to note that the hiring process does vary by store and region. Contact the local business in your area to learn more about their individual hiring practices and requirements.

teenager at a job interview with papers on table

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inside the lobby at an AMC Theater

Teen jobs for 14 year olds:

AMC Theaters

Hires ushers and concession workers 14 and older at select locations.


Hires team members 14 and older based on state labor laws and local store policies.


Hires team members 14 and older at select locations. Some locations wait until 16-18.


Hires team members 14 and older at select locations.


Hires team members 14 and older for the Grocery Department.

Giant Eagle

Hires bakery clerks or shopping cart attendants as young as 14.

Kroger & affiliates

Hires baggers or stockers with a proper work permit as young as 14.


Select locations hire crew members as young as 14.

Palace Entertainment

Hires team members 14 and older for positions in Park Services, Admissions, Food & Beverage Cashier, and Parking Attendant.


Hires cashiers, service desk clerks, and floral clerks 14 and older.

Rita’s Italian Ice

Hires treat team members 14 and older.


Select locations hire crew members 14 and older.


The minimum age requirement is 16 except in Montana, where select locations may hire team members 14 and older.


Some locations may hire as young as 14 for cashier and cleaning positions.

Winn-Dixie & affiliates (owned by Southeastern Grocers)

Hires baggers 14 and older.

hand holding baskin robin ice cream cup with cotton candy flavor

Teen jobs for 15 year olds:

Baskin-Robbins (owned by Dunkin’)

Hires team members 15 and older at select locations.

Boston Market

Hires team members 15 and older.

Chuck E. Cheese

Hires kid check attendants from ages 15 and older varying on location.

Goldfish Swim School

You must be at least 15 years old for a few positions.

Panera Bread

Hires daytime crew members age 15 and older based on location.

Taco Bell

Some independently owned locations hire team members 15 and older.

Tropical Smoothie Cafe

Some independently owned locations hire team members 15 and older.

American Eagle clothing display

Teen jobs for 16 year olds:

American Eagle Outfitters

Select positions hire 16-year-olds.

Burger King

Hires employees as young as 16.

Buffalo Wild Wings

Starting at 16, you can work at many BWWs!


You must be at least 16 years old to work at Chipotle. Plus, you’ll make $15/hour!


Hires crew members as young as 16.


Sales associates can be as young as 16.


Starting at 16 for most locations, you can work at Popeyes.

Six Flags

Hires 16-year-olds for most part-time work as skilled game operators or to fill roles in food or ice cream trucks.

Looking for legitimate work-from-home opportunities? Here’s what’s available now!

teen working a job as a dog walker with two small French bulldogs

Still looking for more jobs for teens?

If you’re still looking for jobs that hire teens, another option to consider is Parents are able to create an account and apply for their children as young as 14 years old. From there, you’ll be able to easily check out the available teen jobs in your area that hire 14 and 15-year-olds in their area, including babysitting, pet care, house sitting, and more! Lawn maintenance is another one of the great summer jobs for teens and in most cases, the household will already have the equipment needed.

Other great places to promote your services include Nextdoor or your neighborhood’s Facebook group. Jobs for Teens HQ is another great resource. You can also filter results for those that are specifically online jobs for teens on Indeed!

More great job ideas for young teens (potentially even those as young as 13 years old) that require minimal experience & are great for building resumes:

  • Artist (selling handmade art/crafts online)
  • Babysitter
  • Busser
  • Camp Counselor
  • Car Washer
  • Cashier
  • Child Care Assistant
  • Concession Worker
  • Dishwasher
  • Dog Walker
  • Fast Food Worker
  • Food Prep Worker
  • Golf Caddy
  • Grocery Store Bagger
  • Harvest Helper at a Farm/Orchard
  • House Sitter
  • Independent Living Retirement Communities
  • Kennel Assistant
  • Landscaper
  • Lawn Mower
  • Lifeguard/Swim instructor
  • Local Attractions
  • Local Pizzerias
  • Mother’s Helper
  • Music Teacher
  • Nursery Worker
  • Office Worker
  • Paper Delivery Person
  • Parks
  • Pet Sitter
  • Plant Sitter
  • Pools
  • Private Sports Coach/Swim Instructor
  • Restaurant Hostess/Host
  • Restaurant Busser
  • Rec League Sports Referee/Umpire
  • Summer Reading/Math Tutor for Elementary School Students
  • Weed Puller or other Yard Work

teenager at a job interview with papers on table

What laws affect the hiring of younger teens?

According to the Fair Labor Standards Act, fourteen is the minimum hiring age for non-agricultural employment with limits on the number of hours minors can work and the types of jobs they can perform.

For 14 and 15-year-old employees specifically, ALL work must be performed outside of school hours and they may not work:

  • More than 3 hours on a school day, including Fridays.
  • Over 18 hours per week when school is in session.
  • More than 8 hours per day when school is not in session.
  • More than 40 hours per week when school is not in session.
  • Before 7 AM or after 7 PM on any day, except June 1st through Labor Day, when night-time work hours are extended to 9 PM.

In some states, for jobs that do hire young teens, they may need to obtain a work permit to seek employment. The best way to determine if they’ll need to complete this step is by consulting with their school’s guidance office or your state’s Department of Labor.

Although some exceptions may apply, teens must generally be paid the federal minimum wage of $7.25 per hour (but this will depend on what they do and where they work).

Check out this inspiring Hip2Save reader testimony:

boy playing soccer and throwing an adidas soccer ball

“Due to this ‘Jobs That Hire Teens’ post several years ago, my two eldest started out as sports referees. One as young as 11 and the other at 13. We are a soccer family and since we were spending our lives on the fields we figured, why not?! We were already out there, it was convenient and fully portable.

My eldest (now 19) went out of state and was able to take his certification with him and referee on his college campus. My next eldest (now 16) decided that certifying as a lifeguard offered a regular schedule and was more lucrative. He became a lifeguard at 15 and was hired by the city in which we live. He is now a year-round employee, is able to earn sick time, and additional certifications and licenses are covered as well. Additionally, upon turning 18, if he attends a local college and remains employed by the same municipality, the city will reimburse his school fees. If he chooses to head out of state for college, he can apply at his campus pool for lifeguarding.

Our city also has a program that will permit 14-year-olds to certify as Junior Lifeguards. Check your municipalities, it is well worth it!” – Ava, Hip2Save reader

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