Save when you use these Homemade Swimmers Ear Drops!

Homemade Swimmers Ear Drops next to a swimmer

Swim your heart out with these DIY drops! 🏊

We’re sharing how to make easy and cheap homemade Swimmer’s Ear Drops so you can have all the fun this summer without the risk of pain, infection, and spending a fortune on over the counter drops! Read on for the best home remedy.

hand holding a brown dropper bottle of diy swimmers ear drops

What is Swimmer’s Ear?

If you or your kiddos are regular swimmers, then you may already be familiar with Swimmer’s Ear – an infection in the outer ear canal often brought on by water that remains in your ear after swimming which creates a moist environment where bacteria can grow and cause an infection.

So why use Swimmer’s Ear Drops? 🤔

dropper squirting liquid into child ear

Swimmer’s ear drops help dry out your ear canal which prevents bacterial growth. However, buying Swimmer’s Ear Drops at your local store can be expensive – I’m talking around $10 for a one-ounce bottle!

Since our team goes through a lot of bottles during the summer, we wanted to share a more affordable solution – in fact, with our DIY version you can make it for just 15 centsthat’s 98% less than buying the solution from Amazon!

Important Tip:

If your child has ear tubes, please consult with your Ear Nose and Throat Doctor before placing these homemade swimmers ear drops in their ears.

Here’s how to make your own homemade Swimmer’s Ear Drops:

bottles of vinegar rubbing alcohol and dropper bottle on countertop

You’ll need just 2 ingredients that you likely already have on hand – distilled white vinegar and isopropyl rubbing alcohol. You can scoop up a reusable dropper bottle online or you could even opt to use a clean dropper bottle from an old bottle of ear drops.

hand pouring rubbing alcohol into brown dropper bottle

DIY homemade Swimmers Ear Drops

Making them is incredibly easy – all you do is pour 1 part rubbing alcohol and 1 part distilled white vinegar and voila! Now you have super inexpensive ear drops for you and your kiddos to swim until your heart’s desire! This is such an effective home remedy.

Watch Collin make homemade swimmers ear drops with her daughter way back in 2014! 😍

Swimmer’s Ear Drops




Fill your dropper bottle halfway with your distilled white vinegar.


Then, fill the other half of your bottle with rubbing alcohol.


Put the lid on the dropper bottle and shake lightly.


Drop about 2 drops into each ear and rub lightly after swimming. That’s it!

hand holding a dropper bottle labeled swimmers ear drops

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