Love DIY Easter decor? Make easy decoupage Easter eggs that can be used to create a holiday centerpiece! 

Decoupage Easter Eggs next to a bottle of mod podge

Need a fun and easy DIY Easter craft? Try these paper Easter eggs!

These brilliant decoupage Easter eggs made using Mod Podge and paper napkins will even have the Easter Bunny doing a double-take. It’s such a creative and beautiful way to embellish Easter eggs. I went with a pretty floral pattern that’s perfect for spring, but feel free to pick a pattern that inspires you!

supplies for diy decoupage easter eggs

Ready to make decoupage Easter eggs? Don’t forget to check stores like Dollar Tree first for pretty paper napkins!

There are so many fun and beautiful spring napkin patterns and designs you can use for this Easter craft. From floral designs to striking solid colors, you’ll easily find the perfect decoupage napkins to create stunning designs that go beyond dyes and paint.

I actually made these paper Easter eggs years ago from napkins I found at the store called Tuesday Morning. I still utilize these decoupage eggs each year in my Easter decor. They have held up so well!

Speaking of Easter decor, check out my cute centerpiece I just put together using an inexpensive Walmart planter and my decoupage Easter eggs!

bunny centerpiece using a planter filled with mod podge eggs

This 12-inch Better Homes and Garden planter is so beautiful and is such nice quality! So far I have used it as a fruit bowl and now it’s a spring and Easter centerpiece!  To create this look I just filled it will some faux moss and then added a ceramic bunny and lastly my DIY decoupage Easter eggs.

placing napkin strips onto diy decoupage easter eggs

diy mod podge easter eggs

Applying Mod Podge to paper decoupage Easter eggs

diy decoupage easter egg with napkin strip and mod podge

diy decoupage easter eggs with mod podge

Making DIY Easter decor and drying decoupage easter eggs on toothpicks

hand holding paper easter eggs or decoupage easter eggs

DIY Decoupage Easter Eggs




Separate the bottom layer of your paper napkin and cut the patterned portion into smaller strips.


Apply Mod Podge to the egg using a paintbrush. Place a strip of paper and use your fingers to flatten and apply paper to the egg.


Keep pasting strips of paper around the egg until covered. Brush on a layer or two of Mod Podge to seal your work. After a while, you’ll be skipping the brush and just using your fingers! Go for it and have fun. 😄


Let paper Easter eggs dry completely and display for spring!

Decoupage Easter Eggs made with paper napkins as a DIY Easer decor project

Hip tips for making decoupage Easter eggs:

  • This DIY project can be completed with real eggs, or consider grabbing some wooden craft eggs from Amazon.
  • If using real eggs, use a pin to poke holes on both ends of the eggs. Then blow air to expel the inside of the eggs.
  • I created an easy DIY drying rack for my decoupage Easter eggs using a small empty cardboard box and toothpicks! It worked great, and it is a perfect way to protect eggs from getting messed up when you’re dying, painting, or decoupaging them.
  • Tissue paper could work for this, too! You can use pastels, florals, patterns, or brights depending on your desired results. Just be careful with the application since tissue paper is thinner than napkins.

A holiday centerpiece filled with DIY paper Easter Eggs

Easy decoupage ideas are my favorite, and this one is a must-try! 

I love how bright the colors are on these paper Easter eggs, and they truly don’t have to be perfect. After the Mod Podge dries, your eggs will look amazing! Put some of your decoupage Easter eggs in a decorative bowl, or include them on your Easter table as a terrific DIY craft idea.

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